Thursday, 4 September 2014

WOMEN OF THE NORTH 02 September 14 - 18 October 14 at The Royal Exchange, Manchester

(Photo: Anne Reid) Photography by Paul Wolfgang Webster

02 September 14 - 18 October 14

Part of Paul Wolfgang Webster's major project MADE IN THE NORTH

Paul Wolfgang Webster is a Manchester based photographer working on an ongoing major project MADE IN THE NORTH. This project is based on prominent Northern people who have made a contribution to life in the North.

The idea started many years ago when Paul was working towards his photographic degree. His work was received so well that he decided to carry on with the project after successfully completing his degree.

Four of Paul's MADE IN THE NORTH portraits are included in The National Portrait Gallery permanent collection in London. His work has been exhibited in The Circle Gallery, New York, Richard Goodall Gallery, Manchester and throughout the UK. The photographs have been commissioned and collected by individuals and businesses in the Northwest and Paul is also proud to say that he works closely with the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Charity and the Diane Modahl Sports foundation.

The images exhibited here in the Royal Exchange Theatre relate to women of the North. Some of them you will recognize, others you may not, however all have made a contribution to life in the North and they all form part of the main MADE IN THE NORTH collections. Paul is so very thankful to them all for allowing him to capture their images. We hope you enjoy looking at his work.

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