Monday, 18 March 2013

Handbags carry stories: Tell us yours

You may have noticed we have developed a rather strange habit: photographing the inside of women's handbags. Sound silly? Well, perhaps it is. But there's a reason we've gone all nosey.

We're gathering the stories hidden behind the radical objects that the wonderful women of Manchester carry around in their handbags.  From the obscure to the sentimental we like to think that each object paints a picture about the lives of women in Manchester in 2013.

Why do we carry what we do? And what stories lie within these objects?

Throughout the Women Women: Radical Manchester season we will be sneaking a peek into the handbags of women and adding more object pictures to the blog and Twitter feed each week.

Got an object/story to share? We can't wait to hear it. Join in here @wonderwomenmcr #wonderwomenmcr.