Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Women in Science: now and then

On Friday 8th March 2013, to celebrate International Women's Day and Wonder Women Radical Manchester, three leading female researchers from the Faculty of Life Sciences’ Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell-Matrix Research will join a panel discussion to talk candidly about their research, what makes them tick and how they view the role of women in the ever-competitive world of biomedical research.

The three speakers are: Professor Cay Kielty, Associate Dean for Research in FLS, and much respected scientist and prolific publisher on all things cell-matrix and mother-of-three, Dr Rachel Lennon, a Paediatric Nephrologist at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, group leader in kidney research and mother to twins, and Dr Sarah Woolner, the latter a recently appointed fellow who is currently establishing her own lab studying the development of the early embryo, and who is expecting her first baby in April!

The format will be an informal panel discussion over coffee and cake to allow the audience to get involved and ask both general questions but also those more pertinent ones, including ‘is it important that there are women in science?’

Professor Cay Kielty
Dr Sarah Woolner
Dr Rachel Lennon