Saturday, 9 March 2013

Radical Objects: What's in your handbag? #1

Hilary Jack. Artist. Glass in Handbag.

As the Wonder Women programme of events got underway last week, we went along to the launch of the Head to Head exhibition at Castlefield Gallery and asked: what's in your handbag? The objects you carry around with you each day may not seem to hold much significance, but these objects tell a story. They offer a shapshot of what it means to be a woman in Manchester in 2013. Browse through the collection here and if you have an object you would like to share please do so on Twitter #wonderwomenmcr!

Hayley Newman & Emily Speed Launch Event at Castlefield Gallery
28th February 2013

Emily Speed. Artist. Craft Knife.
 Hayley Newman. Artist. Smiley Face Jacket.

Hayley Newman and Emily Speed's work forms Castlefield Gallery’s annual Head to Head show. Hayley's jacket was made for Newman’s piece ‘Facing,’ a performance art commission which was part of the ‘Between’ season at The Cornerhouse from March to September 2012. Emily shares her craft knife; essential for crafting on the move!

Clarissa Corfe. Curator. Urban Survival Kit: Bicycle Torch & Compass.
Exhibition curator Clarissa knows her way around Manchester but still carries a compass around in her handbag as a kind of ‘lucky charm’.The bicycle torch comes in handy when cycling. Both items relate to the theme of journeying, both helping in getting from A to B.

 Charlotte Horn. Exhibition Photographer, Camera Case
Charlotte’s camera case represents her love of photography. Charlotte is a volunteer at Castlefield Gallery and a recent Fine Art graduate.

 Annie Carpenter. Artist and Curator. 3-way adapter plug.
At the recent ‘Bring your own beamer’ exhibition Annie borrowed the plug from the Castlefield gallery and was carrying it in her bag at the launch…

Annie Harrison. Artist. Rose Quartz

Since sadly losing her father before Christmas, Annie has carried a rose quartz in her pocket as reminder of him and of the presents they exchanged. 
Elizabeth Murphy. Artist. Diary.
 Elizabeth’s diary let’s her know where she is, and where she’s going to wake up.

Laura Mansfield. Artist and Curator. 20 chopping boards and rolls of kitchen towels in an Ikea bag.
Laura was preparing a workshop to be delivered to second year MMU students on the topic of ‘Making Lunch’. Laura is involved with the publication ‘Feast’- a journal of contemporary visual art and food.

Natalie Bradbury. Journalist and Writer. Shrieking Violet Fanzine.
Natalie poses with a copy of ‘Shrieking Violet’ the fanzine of which she is editor. Natalie’s blog of the same name won the best arts and culture award at the 2011 Manchester Blog Awards. 

Jennifer Dean. Communications Coordinator at Castlefield Gallery & Founder of Manchester Art Walk. Watch.
Jennifer received this watch as a gift from her boyfriend when he left to work in the US. This object reminds Jennifer of the difficult decision she made in deciding not to follow him but choosing instead to pursue her career in Manchester.

Sarah Perks. Programme & Engagement Director at Cornerhouse. Toothbrush Spoon.

On a recent train journey back from Cambridge, Sarah found herself with a messy salad and no spoon…desperate to not be late to a launch event she innovatively fashioned a utensil from the toothpaste tube she conveniently had in her handbag…the same tube we found on her person this evening. Rather a radical object!

We will be asking 'What's in your handbag?' at subsequent Wonder Women events throughout March and early April so stay tuned for future posts!