Friday, 20 February 2015

Thursday Lates: In Emergency Break Glass, The Feminist Takeover

Thursday Lates: In Emergency Break Glass, The Feminist Takeover
Manchester Art Gallery, 5th March 2015. 5.30-8, events begin at 6pm.

To Launch the Wonder Women Radical Manchester program of events for International Women’s Day 2015

From suffragette smashing windows in the gallery to a breathtaking exhibition of female surrealists, Manchester has a rich heritage of stereotype-smashing women. Yet society, and the art world, is still dominated by men.

‘In Emergency Break Glass’ brings together the North’s best emerging female contemporary artists, performers & creatives to challenge the male-dominated artistic canon, respond to the gallery’s artworks and inspire attendees.

Curated by The Feminist Takeover team (made up of feminist artists, curators, writers and researchers, protagonists from No More Page 3, For Book’s Sake, Mighty Heart Theatre and Stirred Poetry), The Feminist Take Over Thursday Late launches the Wonder Women’s week of events for International Women’s Day 2015.

This Thursday Late will run from 5pm-8pm, with events beginning in the Atrium at 6pm. Audiences are invited to tour the new contemporary exhibition that we have installed within the permanent collection. Live performances are scheduled all evening throughout the gallery and within the Feminist Takeover hub in the Atrium, and audiences are welcomed to explore the issues for themselves via the interactive arts & artist discussions that will be occurring throughout the evening in the Atrium.

By giving self-identified women a voice in the context of Manchester Art Gallery we aim to encourage discussion and explore the issues around the representation of women within the gallery, the art world and the wider society. 

This is an emergency.

Join us in smashing patriarchy with art!!!

Artists & performance line-up to follow.